A New Beginning

Hailing from a small city just outside of Boston, Joshua never felt like his voice could ever have been heard. Growing up in poverty he thought life couldn’t get any worse. At the age of 12 his mother passed of a stroke and after 4 years of dealing with his mothers death, his eldest sister was murdered. Both of these defining events shaped Joshua into the powerful being he is today. After feeling lost for years, at the age of 21 he decided to backpack across Southeast Asia. Some how ending up in Istanbul during his trip he decided to stay in Turkey. He met some amazing people and accidentally fell into a professional dancing career that took him all over the world from China to Russia and all over Turkey. After deciding to part ways from his dance career Joshua has dedicated his life to understanding and loving himself more. Struggling from self hate, body image issues and depression that he developed from the tragedies of his childhood, Joshua has made it his mission to show the world that you can love yourself and the world around you. Focused heavily on self worth, body positivity and affirming thought patterns Joshua is shaping his future for success and is inviting you along for the ride!